Sunday, May 11, 2008

Mother's Day 2008

Awoke early to take Sammi to hockey, had to be there by 8.30am. They were 3 players down in first half and were leading by 4-3. 2 more players finally turned up and joined in 2nd half of game, the final score was 7-3, YIPPEE. Sammi has put her name down to play in Under 13's at Bunbury carnival on up-coming long weekend at end of month.
We then came home to my pressie's: crossword & suduko books, bathbombs & bathsalts, knick-knacks and choccie.
Spent a lazy afternoon watching dvd's: The Golden Compass and an oldie called Retrievers, then I had a "nanna nap", we all went for a 45min walk and Josie cooked dinner tonight.
So all-in-all a great Mother's Day. Would of been better if my Mum would of talked to me but she chucked the sulks and took her phone off the hook and refused to answer any phones or messages. She finally sent me an email tonight saying she was having a sad day.
Had garage sale and both Josie & Sammi had spent all week making gifts to sell for Mother's Day, it was raining and stormy so hardly anyone turned up and no one bought any of their gifts - I felt so bad for them but we are going to go to markets on weekend with a friend who has a heap of baby shoes to sell and they can try to sell the stuff they made there.

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