Wednesday, April 29, 2009

WA Bloggers

I'm after old manual typewriters and cash registers - non working is fine - it is for the child care centre I work at (for the kiddies to play with) prefer to get them for FREE so if you know anyone or business upgrading or getting rid of them please please please let me know. Willing to travel NOR and SOR to pick up.
Please pass this on to any WA girls that you think might be able to help.
If I get any - who knows - might have to give away some goodies for helping out.......


Julie said...

If I come across any I'll let you know.

lol about your secret I'm sure Asher would love to exchange secret but hten again she doesn't know herself yet.

Anonymous said...

Hi Christine, look forward to working with you at Roll The Dice and just left a message for you at Mystical once I recognised your name Shimano (how dumb am I?). I'll add you to my favs now so I can come back and visit often, Tiff :o)