Monday, April 27, 2009

Sammi is a Teenager, Crazy Crab & a few LO's

Make yourself comfy as have a story to tell you......

Well my baby has turned 13 so now have 2 teenage daughters in the same house - wowser now I'm feeling old.

She had two parties the first was with her friends from school and it was held at Aqua Jetty Warnbro in the pool, we hired the inflatable obstacle course/slide for her party. They got to use it for an hour. Got a bit worried at first as Sammi couldn't make it past the first obstacle - took her about 5 goes and then her friends got in and helped her. Once she did it once she was fine and all up completed it 11 times (she did fall off a few more times).

Now for my party gripe - she invited 20 friends (4 to sleep over) - we asked for RSVP's due to costing and catering and hadn't heard back from 16 of them but decided to cater for the 20 just in case - in all 7 turned up - so DO YOU RSVP TO EVENTS???? - cause it is so annoying to allow for that many kids and have so much go to waste. Only 3 that were sleeping over came so we had a house full of teenage girls on Saturday night - they finally fell asleep at 3am Sunday morning. (Thats when I got my scrapping done - waiting for them to fall asleep) The phone woke me at 8am (I didn't answer it but could of killed the person on the other end later).

Then the drama began - the previous night I did my layout for week 2 of 7 Deadly Sins at Wicked Princess and mine was "the monster that scares me - Gigantor", it was a layout of our hermit crab (he is really huge). Gigantor had 2 friends who he murdered one by one and then he attacked me one day. We used to always pick them up and let them crawl over us, one day he must of been in a mood and I'd had him in my hand for about 5 min's when he decided to take a chunk out of my palm (he actually had a death gripe on me) after a few good shakes he flew off and hit the window 3 metres away, fell down and landed on the tiled floor - the family was screaming at me that I had killed him but NO!!!! he got up and scuttled away - meanwhile I was left with a small hold in my palm that was bleeding. No one has ever put him in the palm of their hands since.

Now for the drama - Gigantor was missing - he lives in a glass fish tank on our bench near the kitchen sink - and he was not in his tank. At first we blamed the cat as she was hiding under the bed and wouldn't come out so we spent 3 hours searching for the damn hermit crab - even rang Jeff who was out fishing to see if he had taken the crab with him (okay it was a long shot).

Finally gave up the search and when I went to do the washing heard a scratching noise behind washing machine - it was Gigantor - alive and definately kicking. Turns out when the kitchen curtain gets blown in the tank he has learnt to climb up his bit of wood, reach up for the curtain, climb out of his tank - fall off kitchen bench onto tiled floor and crawl/scuttle all around the house.

P.S. The cat was hiding under the bed as she was terrified of him - LOL

My layout for week 2 of 7 Wicked Sins - I'd taken the photo of Gigantor the week before when he was on his log. Week 2 is using colours green and black, transparency, doodling & layout about either jealousy or something that scares you. See link on right side of page to find out exactly what they asked for (hubby is screaming at me to get off computer now to go to shops so have to be quick)

Card for 7 deadly sins - week 2 - used scraps from layout to make it - had to be good luck card.

Scraping the music layout - went with using part of lyrics in song and papers are from pack I bought from LSS - not the best papers to work with.

Layout for 123 challenge blog - 2 stamping with 2 techniques, paint splattering and scrap pp.

Sammi's family/friends party was great (used up the food from the day before) and she loved all her presents.
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RebeccaB said...

out up and over is great. the colors are perfect, well done.
could you tell me which challenge you are entering that one in?
i have found 4 challenges that i liked and entered, check out my blog....just looking for more challenges....

Julie said...

great pages Missy. Love the party pics. LOL at the crab story.

RebeccaB said...

hello again,
thanks for the info on scrapping the music.
love the idea of the challenge and sent an entry in, hope they like digital.
check it out on my blog....
hope you do another for this weeks challenge, cant wait to see what other people do with the lyrics.

Shazza said...

Love your story about Gigantor, and the layout is great!
Had a giggle about jeff taking "G" with him fishing hahaha