Tuesday, January 6, 2009

Weekend CC at Therapy - Take 2

You might wonder by I put take 2 in the title - yesterday I nearly finished posting my blog and my laptop chucked a major hissy fit and then I lost the whole post so now I can't remember all I was going to write.
The guest DT's spots were a great success, the weekend went smoothly with no hitches (none that I'm aware of anyway). All the challenges were posted on time, games were played, etc. I got all the challenges finished on Friday night (a first for me) but maybe my body was trying to tell me something as I was sick the rest of the weekend.

Challenge 1 was was done by: Sandra D and it was the monthly theme challenge
You had to think of 3 words to describe yourself and to have them on the LO somewhere and to use one of you less favourite scrapping techniques on your LO.

Challenge 2 was done by: Sarah (Byclops) and was an inspirational challenge

Challenge 3 was the sketch challenge done by ME: the added criteria was use 4 photos and handwritten journalling on the LO.

Challenge 4 was the card challenge done by: Maria (Corolla) and the criteria was 4 cards, your favourite colour, ribbon and the words "me" "I" or "my" had to be on the cards.

Also the blind scrap was held by: spikeyjen but can't put pic of LO up yet as gallery at Therapy hasn't been uploaded so you can't see that one until next weeks blog upload unless you go the Therapy and see it in the gallery.

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