Thursday, January 22, 2009


First Phone Call of the day

Opening present from JOSH & TIFF

Her Pandora Bracelet with 5 charms

Present from MUM & DAD - Pink mini laptop

Checking out the laptop

Barra is confused - where is his presents

Present from SAMMI - laptop carry case & usb disc

Happy Birthday GIRL - ready to go to work

Flowers from work colleagues

Ready for party to start with some of her balloons

Kids table

Guests - view 1

Guests view 2


Belinda Venables said...

What fun Josie LOVE your laptop!!


Julie said...

Thanks for a great night Christine. Love the pics. Yeap B Josie's laptop is gorgeous.

mandysea said...

Oh wow - A LAPTOP!!
Looks like a fab spread you put on for Josie - gorgeous photos christine!!

phatassphairy said...

love the lay top ...pmsl at "Barra" pic ...look like she had a lovely day