Monday, September 8, 2008

Real Men Can Scrapbook Too

The other night Jeff didn't come to bed until the wee hours, when I queried him he told me he was busy scrapping. He had stayed up all night working out where everything was to go and then the first thing when the shops were open he went shopping to buy the perfect piece of timber to mount it all on. This is his first OTP item he has scrapped and who knows what could happen next.


mandysea said...

A picture of concentration!

The project looks totally fabulous!!

Well done Mr Christine!!!

Belinda Venables said...

That is SO funny! Good on him - as long as he doesn't steal your


Julie said...

Go Jeff. But be warned Craig has seen these pics.

Well done.

Natalie Satchwill said...

That is so cool! YOu might have to guard your supplies now!!

Rolla Girl said...

I am STILL laughing out loud at this... love it :D