Tuesday, June 3, 2008

Some LO's, No Hockey & I past level one at Ballroom

This is some of the LO's I've done this week. Been sick with the flu so haven't been scrapping much. Need to make some cards tonight that have to be sent tomorrow for a couple of b'days. Was going to cheat and buy some but they are so expensive and I looked at the designs and thought "No, I could make better". LOL.

With all of us being sick with flu over the weekend, Sammi couldn't go to Bunbury to play in her hockey carnival. Her team didn't do too well, they lost most of their games but only by 1 point so wasn't too bad. Their coach was sick with flu as well so a replacement had to be found at the last minute.

I past level 1 Beginners Ballroom, now enrolled for level 2 but missed two classes due to being sick. Friday night will have to go and catch up. Jeff is going to do private classes when he is home so he learn the dances as well.

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