Sunday, March 25, 2012


One Direction - have you heard of them?????
Silly question in our house - since my daughter first saw them on X-factor she has been an DIRECTIONER. Then they announced their tour to Australia and she was so excited.
When we found out that they weren't coming to Perth I thought never mind she is turning 16 so for her present we will fly to Queensland to see them.
On the morning that tickets went on sale it was chaotic - out of been early (as Qld is 2 hours in front of us), had computer, mobile and phone ready to go - but no luck - tickets were sold out in 3 minutes :(
So then began our journey to try to win tickets and try we did.
Online comps, radio comps, you name it we entered it (I even had to be quizzed about 1D if we were lucky enough for the radio to pick us, I studied like crazy learning everything I didn't already know about the boys - but we didn't get the phone call).
Concert tours start in Australia next month and still no luck - what annoys me the most is people selling tickets on E-bay for $750 (the cheapest) each.... the tickets only went on sale for $72 each. There is no way we could afford that (as well as flights and accommodation).
So here is a collage of all the things we made trying to win :)
Maybe she will be lucky enough next time they tour.

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Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

I have heard of them... they are starting to get huge over here! Bummer you couldn't get tix though :(