Friday, October 28, 2011

October's Layouts

My layouts for the month of October - I've managed to get 4 layouts done (I remember when this would of been a slow days scrapping and now it's a whole months worth).

I've had a massive cull of my scrapping stash (given it away as I just wanted it gone), kept paper ranges that really appealed to me (down to about 15 now) and my newer embellishments but all the rest have GONE.

Not the end of scrapping for me - just making time for the other things in life (currently have 2 little foster kiddies that have been with me full-time for 6 weeks and still have another 2 weeks to go, they are 2 years and 4 years, plus I'm still Mum to my 2 teenage girls & working Monday - Friday, so you could say my life has been very busy lately).

With all this happening I'm relieved that I have given up all my DT positions (that would of been such a headspin trying to create to a deadline with young ones - I don't know how you mothers of young ones do it - fairy claps for you).

Bali holiday is booked for end of next month - 24th November for 10 blissful days with my best friend (and a few of her friends) - no husbands, no children, no housework, no I wants - can't wait.

Oh and nearly forgot - I GAVE UP PEPSI MAX - OMG, still in shock (used to drink approximately 6 cans a day and I have replaced it with WATER, yes that stuff I used to think would kill me to drink it - lol). The past month I've had 2 sips on the first day I gave up, a coke zero when I went to cinemas, and 1/3 can last weekend at a social event - okay it was a tupperware party but there were adults there and not kids so it's a social event to me :D I'm so proud of myself - now if only I could get off the chocolate *rolling eyes*.......

Thanks for taking the time to read my post - only going to be blogging now once a month (unless I get really bored and get some spare time).


Sandra D said...

Good on you Christine for making changes for YOU!! I love seeing your layouts but it sounds like you have much more important things going on. Enjoy your holiday!!

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Loveeeeee these!!! Loving those flowers on that 3rd one! And hoping you will still squeeze in some scrappin' time every now and then! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Julie said...

these look great missy.

mandysea said...

oooh gorgeous work!! That first LO just won my heart!!!
Sounds like you have got lots of great things happening!!