Sunday, September 20, 2009

Winners are Grinners

Well I'm back from Sunshine Coast and watched Josh compete in the Nabba Bodybuilding Comp on Sunday 13 September - and HE WON his division in Novice Mens. He then went on to compete in the Overalls (which is everyone who received a first place on the day, which meant he was up against bodybuilders who have been competing for years - it was close but he didn't win). I'm glad that his last weekend spent there ended so happy for him.

He has left now and is moving to WA to start again over here. We spent the next three days after his comp cleaning up his house and getting it ready to put on the market. The first day we went there was the 2nd time he has been back in the house since the home invasion (and the 1st time without the police) so it was an very emotional day for him. He walked me through what happened that night and I had to hold back the tears as he spoke (he and his girlfriend have been undergoing counselling since to help them cope and the counsellor thought it would be good for him to talk about it - part of the healing process).
He is going to look for work in WA as a butcher while trying to get into the mining industry - he is still going to bodybuild but is not doing personal training anymore.
Now for my 2nd bit of WINNERS ARE GRINNERS
I've had a layout accepted for publication - woo hoo. I've had one accepted before but that gallery still hasn't been in mag and it was over a year ago so not counting that one.
This is my little tag I've made to replace the layout - hopefully I'll get to use it more often.


Krissy C said...

Congrats to your son on his win!How cool :D

Yay for you getting published!That tag is sooooo cute!Hope you get lots of use out of it too :D

Krissy xx

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

CONGRATS on your son's WIN!! That's AWESOME!!!!!!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEEEEEE the photos....and have been thinking and praying for him and his girlfriend....I'm am happy they are getting help...and I'm sure the talking helps....hopefully they will get a new place soon and can feel safe again....and CONGRATS to U on the PUB!!!!! That's AMAZING!!! LOVEEEEEEEEEEE the cute little icon U made for it! :):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):):)

Antonella Ryan said...

Whoo Hoo Christine on the win and on the publication!!! Congratulations very well deserved!!!!

Ceci said...

Yay congrats Chris! Hope you get to use the tag lots more. ;) Good luck to your DS with his move to WA. :) xx

linda said...

It must have been so scary, happy to hear he is moving to WA. Hope both your son and his girlfriend gets over this trauma and that the house sells very quickly

Congrats on having another layout published

Anonymous said...

WOOOOOHOOOOO, I am absolutely thrilled for you and your pub Chris, way to go chickie and may this be the start of many. Glad your son may be on his way to some sort of recovery and a fresh start. Chat soon and congrats once again, still buzzing for ya, Tiff xx.

mandysea said...

WOW Christine!!! They are impressive photos!!
Hope there is a smooth transition for him back to WA.
And congrats on you publication!!
THats fabulous!!!