Thursday, August 13, 2009

Survived the first GYM session

The girls at work talked me into joining them for a personal trainer group session (ME!!!) - I was so anxious and then realised:
No1 - don't have joggers
No2 - don't have gym clothes
So off to the shops I went in my lunch break and bought some 3/4 pants but all the shirts were close fitting ones (hello - there is a reason I'm going to the gym) so raided Jeff's side of the wardrobe.
Then off to the Athletes Foot shop to get some joggers - this is how the conversation went.
Salesman "Hello Madam how may I help you"
Me "Eeerrr - been talked into going to the gym so need some shoes"
Salesman "And what kind of exercise are you doing?"
Me "Well we're hired a PT session so while some biatch is screaming at me to pump it I will be cowering in the corner, rocking back and forth hugging my knees and crying"
Salesman (looking confused and trying to relate to his brain what I said) "starts to laugh - and says shall we measure your feet?"
So $170 later with new shoes I'm basically ready - nerves are shot to hell but what the heck.
I actually sat in the car for 10 minutes before getting out.
She (the PT) started us off on the treadmills doing some warm ups and then the biatch upped the speed and incline and MADE ME RUN!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
She then told us to slide off the back of the machine and do squats - she forgot to tell me to lessen the speed first and I had my first whoopsy of the night - but she didn't let me slow up.
After 3 hours of this (okay 20 minutes but it felt like 3 hours) she made us use weights, push ups, skip, lunge, lift this big heavy ball up and down up and down, (during this session I nearly threw up about 6 times - the only thing stopping me is that there is no where to be sick - I don't think they would appreciate me throwing up on the floor - I want the gym to put spew buckets around the room.
Then she decided to put us on those bikes and work it work it work it - I now know what it is like to do an RPM class and I was right - it is hell!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!
After that we were meant to get off the bikes - hello legs, legs were are you, why aren't you working, legs???? BUT she hadn't finished with us YET - oh god the pain, my legs are like jelly, by this stage I don't care anymore that there are no spew buckets in the gym I'm willing to vomit anywhere......... I keep thinking hold it in, hold it in...... but wait there is more (inside I'm cursing at her in the worst possible way). Time for floor exercises, I don't care anymore - just keep going it is all nearly over............
Well I have survived - probably won't be able to walk or brush my teeth for the next 3 days but I'm alive.........


Lisa T. Howard said...

LOL! I can totally relate. I've been working out consistently for almost a year now, but that first NEVER forget! LOL!

Hope you reclaim the use of your arms and legs soon. I'm impressed you did all that in your first session. Hang tough and keep it up as it will surely get better. And if it doesn't, just take your own spew bucket next time! :) xoxo L

byclops said...