Sunday, July 19, 2009

Can I start this week again????

I'm quite surprised that I got any scrapping done this week, I ended up having to go to doctors as kidney's hurt every time I went to toilet, he told me I had infection and to take antibiotics - I told him all my allergies and what each one did to me as an reaction. So when he wrote me out a script for antibiotics and told me that I might have a small reaction - alarm bells did ring but I thought "he is a doctor". He also told me to take medication at bedtime (probably hoping I'd just sleep through the reaction), within an hour of taking med's my tongue started to swell but not wanting to over dramatise the situation I decided to just take antihistamine and toughen it out. When throat started going as well, I decided to be on the safe side to wake Jeff. We ended up in emergency were I had to stay for HOURS just to make sure that the antibiotics was coming out of my system. I got a lecture from the ER doctor - about not having my epi-pen in the house and not using it even if I did have it. Now have to go back to my allergy specialist and get retested all over again. Been told to be very careful in next couple of days what I do eat and what I'm around just in-case as if I react to anything it could be a bit more serious than what it normally is as my body is running low.

So this is what I got done this week - links on side tool bar to all the blogs & forums I did projects for.


July flower swap at Mystical scrapbooks - I made my flowers out of hessian, buttons & embroidery thread.

July 123 challenge: Ellh layout

I altered the photo by using gel pen to doodle border around it. With the next 2 criteria stamping with paint and polka dots I combined them together and using bubble wrap as my stamp - stamped polka dots onto my layout. Then to finish off the layout I sewed a semi circle onto layout.


July Pinkalicious sketch - I adjusted the sketch a little to suit the layout I was after.


Enchanted Scrapbooking July Monthly challenge - colour swatch using the colours; black, blue, orange, pink & purple. At first I was eeekkkkkk - all those colours together but I am happy with how layout turned out.

Enchanted Scrapbooking July Monthly Challenge - inspirational challenge

Well hope you have all had a great week and I'm looking so forward to next week.
Don't forget to get your layouts in for OUT OF THE HAT July challenge blog - see side link bar.
Thanks for visiting my blog. xx


Shazza said...

hi christine,
hope you are feeling better!
Love your recent layouts, you always do a smashing job!!
Catch you soon
Keep Well

Anne P said...

Love your little hessian flowers, they are so cute and people are going to be very lucky to get them. Lover all the LO's you have done and considering your week I'm suprised to see any. Hope you feel well.

mandysea said...

Oh my goodness miss christine!! Look after you! Glad you are feeling better!
Those hessian flowers are stunning! and love your lo - pink paint from the bubble wrap...fab fab fab!

Kathie said...

Oh you poor love!! Hope you are feeling a heap better by now!! My prayers are with you. Take it easy Chris.

Julie said...

Missy these are great pages. Hope you are feeling better soon.

Julie Tucker-Wolek said...

Hoping U are feeling better soon!!! I am soooooooooo sorry U had the reaction!!! I loveeeeeeeeeee what U created this week though!!! Those lo's and the flowers are GORGEOUS! :):):):):):):):):):):)

Taryn said...

Just looooovveeee these latest layouts Christine. Beautiful! So sorry to hear you have been unwell. hope you're feeling better!

Anonymous said...

Hi gorgeous gal, didn't realise you had so many allergies you poor choock and having to go to emergency in middle of the night eeeek!!! Hope you are ok now sweetie, hate to think you are not well xx.

Kathleen said...

OMG Christine!!! Ive been so out of the loop lately, so sorry I missed this post!! Hope you're all better, what a scary thing to go through - hope you "informed" your GP of the results of not listening to you??!!