Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Finally - the wait is over

For the past year we have been going through the foster process to enable us to become foster parents. It went to the board on Monday and we have passed all the examinations, interviews and qualifications to become FOSTER PARENTS.

When we first started this journey we were looking into pre-adoption fostering (babies from new born to when the adoption papers are finalised) but over the year I found a job that I love and don't want to give up so we are going to start with respite fostering (children who are already in foster care with a permanent carer but that carer would like a weekend break). Due to Jeff's work roster it has made the whole process very long as we could only prepare on the weeks he was at home and we still haven't actually finished our preparation training so no kids until the last day of training is done which is booked for 30th June and we have the respite team coming out to meet us next month so we can set realistic levels of what we expect to receive and deliver to their service.

We can't wait to receive our first respite child.

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Princess Tamara said...

Huge hugs. You are doing an awesome thing, and I'm insanely proud of a person I've never met in real life!! lol Way to go hon.