Monday, September 22, 2008

What a Week - do I want to repeat it - no way

Where do I start - decided last weekend to detox my body - boy I wasn't expecting the result I got. Headaches started on day 1 & continued on day 2 (I actually also worked on day 2 in toddlers room so all that yelling = really big headache). Day 3 & 4 I suffered from debilitating leg cramps - read up book and it said I might be suffering from lack of Bio Magnesium so raced over to chemist and bought a bottle - it worked. Finally on day 5 starting to feel a little bit better, still leg cramps but not as bad. It is now day 7 and feel fantastic - 3 more days to go and then slowly eat regularly again - what have I missed the most (could say Pepsi Max but it would have to be lamb - sorry all the vego's reading this).

Samantha's team didn't make it in the finals but we went to watch and it was such a close game at final whistle it was 1-1, played overtime and no one scored so it was down to penalty shoot out. The winning team was the Stingrays and that was who Sammi wanted to win as she has some friends on that team. Afterwards it was the presentation of medals and awards. My only complaint about the whole day was only 3 players from each team got an award and only the 2 teams that played the final got medallions (I would of happily paid extra for her to receive something, just a little trophy) and 2 of the players that did receive the award play for metro hockey (so off course they are the best)

Afterwards - we went to cinema to see Angus, Thongs & Perfect Snogging and we all LOVED IT.

Now on a scrappy front - at Therapy this past weekend we had a couple of step-by-step projects that we could do and these are mine.

step-by-step LO hosted by Mandy

step-by-step hosted by Narelle

This one was from the weekend before it is a surprise challenge by Therapy's Mum Lee-Anne, we had to scrap a LO about the animal within.

This LO was for September Manufactor of the Month comp - this months MOM is Sassafras Lass and so loving the new range of papers - the paper ribbon strip on the bottom has also been very well used.
Over at Therapy in the shop - Sassy is still 20% off till end of month - just click on link on side to go to the shop. Lee-Anne has changed delivery so now parcels are being sent express for only $6.00 (most parcels are delivered in approx 2 days - woo hoo)
Have a good

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