Sunday, August 17, 2008

No scrapping this week

Been sick with flu so no new LO's this week from me. I did manage to finish my biscuit recipe cards from the recipe swap at Scrap Therapy.

Sammi, my 12 y.o nearly got her first goal at hockey today - it was so close. I was so excited for her and it was their first game on the new turf field. She is trying to decide if she wants to join the summer team, I am hoping she does as her confidence is growing each game.

Josie, my 16 y.o has done a few projects over the past couple of weeks for some friends with new bubs I have taken some pics but haven't loaded them into computer yet so keep a look out for that post as the work she has done is amazing. She is not really enjoying her time working at HJ's but likes the pay packet. All her TEE subjects have been picked for next year, she is going with maths, english, human biology, chemisty, indonesian & ???(the last one has escaped my mind). Also she is assisting the teachers at her dance school every Thursday afternoon with some classes.

Apart from that DH & I have had our medicals for fostering, we had a builder come in to give us a quote at putting in bulkhead and doors for the room, I've had heaps of friends donate stuff for the foster kiddies room, just 6 more months or interviews, etc to go until we are fully approved.

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