Monday, August 11, 2008

Just Scrapbooking Weekend Retreat 8-10 August 2008

What a great weekend we had at the retreat. I actually received a phone call to work on the Friday at a local childcare centre so I had to work all day until 4.30 and the centre was at max capacity so we were so busy all day. As soon as I could the car was packed and I was on my way. It was so good, a whole weekend to scrap with no kids or husband, no housework and no cooking or cleaning. I got so much accomplished but forgot to take photos of the biscuits for the recipe card swap at Scrap Therapy Forum to finish them off, so that is one of my projects this weekend. The other project I didn't get to finish (as I also forgot that pic) was the CJ swap on Scrapbooking Memories Forum.
Lots of pics to upload so I will start from the beginning:

I made mine and Julie's costume for the retreat, the theme was "Olympics and the China", we decided to go as 1920's swim team. I didn't have a pattern or a sewing machine so found pic on google images of what I had in mind and sticky-taped newspaper together to make pattern. Borrowed sewing machine from girlfriend but it wouldn't work properly so then found out Julie had one to sew on LO's so decided to give it a go after a few adjustments I got it to sew perfectly. Took a couple of days and a couple of attempts but the end result was great. So great in fact that we won first place.

The day before we left to go to retreat we meet up at my place and drove to local park to take some pics of us together.

The three of us together we had a kangaroo (costume hired) as our coach.

These are all the prizes I won during the weekend. Lucky door prize was some chipboard, over the weekend there was various challenge to do and you receive raffle tickets for completing each challenge. So from the raffle I won, BG pack, book & cutterbug pen. From the fancy dress we won $15 each to spend at the shop.

Julie made us all these lanyards each to wear around our neck. She scrapped them half an hour before we had to get dressed. That girl is a legend.


Julie said...

Hey don't we all look great in those costumes.

byclops said...

Great really are charmed aren't you! Winning prizes again! hhehehe