Wednesday, July 23, 2008

Scrap It @ Sheralton Perth Sunday 27 July 08

The girls from the Scrapbooking Memories Forum (SM forum) have put a table together for us all to meet. We have decided as a group to scrap a badge and wear tiara's. My tiara is from my DD2 toy box and I added some bling to it. The badge I made this morning by covering a MM badge. Normally I don't wear pink (not wearing pink clothing on Sunday) but for some reason I decided to make badge pink.
I have my $2 coins all hidden from DH and DD's ready for the on the spot prizes. Still have to organise what LO's I'm doing, print pic's, pack bag, etc. I'm a last minute kind of girl but hoping for once I'm more organised this time.
4 sleeps to go

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Tamara said...

Love your badge!!
Have a great day on Sunday, I wish I was coming.