Friday, August 1, 2008

Cyber Crop at Therapy 1st - 3rd August 2008

If you have read through my posts you will see that Therapy is a favourite site of mine. Every month, on the first weekend of the month, they hold a cyber crop with 4 challenges (with prizes), a kids challenge and a blind scrap hosted by the previous months "SUPERSTAR". I was July's "SUPERSTAR" so I will be hosting the blind scrap this Saturday night.
So if your are not yet signed up with Therapy - get your butts over there right away to see what fun and games are on this weekend and get scrapping.
Nearly forgot we get to play games as well over the weekend, kick off is 8.30 (est). So 6.30 for us WA girls to start the games. You don't have to be on-line all weekend so you still do your usual activities with the family just throw in some scrapping time as well.
Hope to see you there.


byclops said...

I'll be checking at least some of it out! But hey, did you get the times mixed up?! We're BEHIND the East not ahead of them!!!

Narelle said...

Cant wait for tomorrow nights Blind Scrap! Congrats again on being our CC Superstar!